Toys to Explore Outdoors: Backyard Safari Outfitters Review

picture of Elizabeth with Hiking Stick

If you want to get your kids outside to explore, I have the perfect solution!  Give your kids the tools (toys) to explore their natural surroundings at home, at the park, or camping with Backyard Safari Outfitters. This is a fantastic line of kids exploring gear that we were introduced to last year. Not only did my kids have fun playing with the Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum and Mega View Periscope and wearing the Cargo Vest, but they are Still Playing with them a year later. That says a lot about how fun the toys are and that they are high quality.

Backyard Safari Outfitters have taken their line of products to the next level with fantastic new products to prepare your kids for adventure. My kids are total  nature lovers so this product line is so good that I feel like it was made just for them. If you want to urge your kids to explore the outdoors with creative products that actually work, I highly recommend Backyard Safari products.

Quick Backyard Safari Outfitters Video Review


Backyard Safari Base Camp Field Shelter Review

Having a base camp for an expedition is essential. Now your kids can hang out in the Base Camp Field Shelter during their adventures outdoors. We even play with it indoors too. This is not a tent to be slept in overnight, I had to explain that to my kids from the beginning. It is a shelter to play and hide in as you explore nature. It is 40″ tall and big enough for 2-3 kids to play in at a time. There are pockets inside to store your safari gear and nature guides.  There is even a window in the back to peek on your surroundings without being spotted.

picture of Hanging out in Backyard Safari Shelter
Hanging out in Backyard Safari Base Camp Field Shelter

Backyard Safari Camouflage Review

If you really want to explore nature, you’ve gotta hide in plain sight. With the Backyard Safari Camouflage, your kids will really feel like they are on an adventure. Drape it over the field shelter to be completely out of sight while kids can peek out. You could put the camouflage anywhere, over a bush, off a tree, around the entrance to a club house or playground. It is a fun addition to any camp out. It is sizable at 5×8 foot and made up stretchable rip-stop nylon.

picture of Backyard Safari Camouflage
Backyard Safari Camouflage

Free Pop-Up Field Guide

Each Backyard Safari product comes with a Pop-Up Field Guide that features fun missions for kids to go on along with pictures of other Backyard Safari toys. My son likes opening and closing the unique design and reading it. He keeps it with him quite often as something to go back to review over and over again. Who knew something so simple would be such a winner with kids?

picture of Checking out Pop-Up Field Guide
Checking out Pop-Up Field Guide

Backyard Safari Expedition Two – Hiking Stick

We have yet to do all the hikes for the Metro Parks Fall Hiking Spree to earn our hiking sticks. My kids are always envious of those that have them when we go on hikes. I really do need to make sure we finish all the hikes this fall.  However, Backyard Safari has a fun Hiking Stick that is bound to make some head turns on the trails. It looks like a hand-carved walking stick with a wolf’s head as the top. It is 48″ tall and seems well-made and sturdy. There is a soft grip around the  neck for easy and safe holding on while hiking. My kids use it like a sword too but what can you expect!? 🙂

picture of Elizabeth with Hiking Stick
Elizabeth with Hiking Stick

Backyard Safari Mega Magnifier

The Backyard Safari Mega Magnifier got even my husband’s attention. He exclaimed that he’s been wanting to get that for the kids. I guess he had his eye on it.  If you’ve had magnifiers in the past, I’m sure you were disappointed with the results as we have been. They are super small and don’t magnify at all. The Backyard Safari Mega Magnifier actually works and is so large that you can see everything and anything! Plus, it floats so you can even use it in water to examine tadpoles, fish, and anything else in creeks and lakes near you.

picture of Backyard Safari Mega Magnifier
Backyard Safari Mega Magnifier

This was especially useful the other day when we found a scary looking spider right on the shelter. I was so relieved to let the kids examine this spider from a safe distance. Check out the video above to see it better, the glare on the photo didn’t capture how ugly it really was!

Backyard Safari Mini Lantern

The Backyard Safari Mini Lantern is not just cute for kids to play with but it really works. We had a power outage the other night and my kids were scared. They ended up sleeping together but wanted light. Of course I couldn’t give them candles. I suddenly remembered the Backyard Safari Mini Lantern and saved the day. They were so happy to have the light and I was happy it was safe. For such a small lantern, it really gave off a good amount of light. Backyard Safari also has a full size lantern to give the ambiance of a real lantern but with the safety that any mom can appreciate.

picture of Backyard Safari Mini Lantern really works!
Backyard Safari Mini Lantern really works!

And when  you aren’t fighting off monsters at night with the lantern, kids can clip the lantern on their cargo vest or shelter while out and about exploring.

Win 2 Backyard Safari Outfitters Toys (Closed)

Updated: 7-10-11 Winner Announced: Booth Family

Backyard Safari Outfitters is offering you the chance to win the Backyard Safari Field Binoculars and 6-in-1 Field Tools. ($24 value)

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll spy with these adjustable, rugged, and waterproof Field Binoculars at 5×30 power. $11.99

The 6-in-1 Field Tools gives your explorer everything they need to shovel, brush, grab, probe ,gather samples, excavate finds, and even a whistle to alert others of your discovery. $11.99

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Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on July 9, 2011 when a winner will be drawn at random. I will notify the winners and they will have 36 hours to respond!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Backyard Safari Outfitters who provided the products for review and giveaway.

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