Master Bathroom Demolition Time!

Our Total Home Remodel has continued to our master bathroom. I’ve been waiting on this bathroom demolition for a long time! I’m so excited to tear out our extremely outdated 1950’s bathroom!

I love demolition time because a lot of progress can be made in very little time. Even my kids had fun helping tear off while paper and even tear down some walls.

We’ve been cramped in this galley bathroom for way too long. It needs expanded and out of the 1950’s! As you can see below, my son loved tearing down walls of our old bathroom – please don’t judge the messy bedroom behind. Everything is everywhere during a remodel!

Both my kids wanted to help, so we gave them age-appropriate jobs. My daughter also had her hand at tearing down walls.

Working as a family for home remodeling – whether demolition or painting is the perfect time for learning. Below, my husband teaches the basics of plumbing to my son.

Our master suite is the last room in our home to receive a total remodel. When we moved into this house, my son was in preschool. He even helped then!

picture of Kids love to hep with remodeling projects

My daughter was only three when we moved here. We’ve let our children help with projects around the house just like we let them help cook in the kitchen. Every project is an opportunity to learn a new skill that they can use as an adult.

picture of Let kids help paint their bedroom

Our bathroom is now completely gutted. To me, it is a beautiful site! Out with the old gives room for a new, beautiful bathroom. By doubling in size and adding modern amenities, our master bathroom will feel like luxurious retreat than simply a functional bathroom. Below is the view from the door looking into the bathroom. If you notice the different levels in the flooring and hanging cords, that is where the old bathroom ended. You can see that we expanded quite a bit!

Our bathroom sponsor is Mansfield Plumbing. We are so excited to be working with this local company that produces high-quality plumbing products including toilets, tubs, sinks, and shower bases – all right here in the USA!

Adding a freestanding bathtub to a master bathroom remodel is a viable investment for any home. I am excited to add the Mansfield Plumbing Lana freestanding bathtub to our master bathroom. Mansfield Lana Freestanding Bath

It will be an elegant and sophisticated addition and gorgeous focal point. I can’t wait to soak and relax in this tub once the remodel is complete. Mansfield Plumbing has several free-standing bathtubs to choose from that can be placed in the center of a room or against a wall depending on your preference. Each one would make a statement piece adding luxury to any home.

Adding vessel sinks to your master bathroom adds interest and high-end luxury. Mansfield Plumbing has a gorgeous new Aramis sink that can be mounted as an above counter vessel sink, drop in, or under counter mount. The modern rectangular design with hidden drain would add interest to any bathroom, no matter how you mount it. We chose the above counter vessel for the most dramatic affect.

ARAMIS Mansfield Plumbing Sink

This angle shows where the vanity and bath tub will be.

According to a popular bathroom trends website, 68% of homeowners would prefer a larger shower in the master bathroom. A spacious stand up shower will be used and appreciated daily and is a great way to update your bathroom. With the Mansfield Plumbing shower bases, you can easily add a stand-up modern walk in shower with their stylish and practical shower bases at affordable prices. Mansfield Pluming shower base

We will be adding the 4236STLS Shower Base 48×34 to our bathroom and tiling the sides. You could also choose a shower enclosure to go with this shower base if you prefer.  SEE PROGRESS OF SHOWER INSTALL HERE.

We will be replacing this nasty toilet too!

We will be showcasing their innovative easy-to-clean Vanquish toilet that has side hinges.

Doesn’t that toilet look amazing? It is totally DIY too, I’ll be sharing a video of me installing it on my own too, it’ll be the first time I’ve attempted to install a toilet, so I’m really excited, although a bit nervous.

I hope you will follow along with us on our master bathroom renovation!

Check out Mansfield Plumbing’s website and Facebook page for design inspiration for your upcoming bathroom renovation too.  Support this local Ohio company that has been providing quality Made in USA bathroom products since 1929.

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