I Installed the Vanquish Toilet by Myself! You Can Too!

mansfield plumbing vanquish toilet review

Have you ever installed a toilet? Before now my answer would have been of course not! It seems like a lot that could go wrong very quickly! I was given the challenge by Mansfield Plumbing to install their new Vanquish toilet that is made for the DIY market. This toilet is amazing and an easy to do upgrade for any bathroom. Trust me, if I can do it, you can too!

This is a sponsored post for Mansfield Plumbing. All opinions are my own.

This was the first time that I’ve attempted or even considered installing a toilet on my own. It was surprisingly easy to install the Mansfield Plumbing Vanquish toilet with the included instructions.  The included instructions detail step by step instructions on how to turn off the water screw, attach the toilet bowl to the floor flange, insert bolts into the flange slots, add the wax ring, and attach the toilet tank to the bowl. I was able to install those toilet on my own in about a half hour.Mansfield Plumbing Vanquish toilet Review

I felt pretty accomplished at this point. The toilet is bolted to the floor and the toilet is sealed to the wax ring. The next steps are to install the toilet seat and tank to the bowl.

One of the things that makes the Mansfield Plumbing Vanquish toilet so unique is the toilet seat with side-mounted seat hinges. It is amazingly easy to clean because the brackets on the toilet seat are not on the top like traditional toilet seats but rather on the sides. This provides a smooth surface to clean instead of trying to clean around the bolts holding down the seat. Speaking of smooth surfaces, the toilet has a quick-wipe PuraClean glazed surface that makes cleaning easier because let’s face it, nobody wants to spend extra time cleaning toilets.

Look at how gorgeous this toilet is. We added a privacy wall to separate it from the vanity area. I think it is a nice little nook for it.

mansfield plumbing vanquish toilet review

When we moved into our home the first thing I wanted to do was to get rid of the nasty looking toilets and the bathrooms. Our bathroom was the last one to go and I was the most excited to say goodbye to it. It was hard to clean and just generally nasty as you can clearly see below.

Installing the toilet was a lot easier and less complicated than I could have imagined. If I had known how easy it was to install a new toilet in my bathroom, I would have done it YEARS ago!

mansfield plumbing vanquish toilet review

If you have a nasty, old, smelly, or outdated toilet, I highly recommend the Mansfield Plumbing Vanquish toilet. It is an easy DIY project that anyone can do. Literally, anyone. If I can do it, you can do it. It does not take a professional to install so it is a very affordable upgrade for anyone.

You can purchase the Vanquish toilet at Menard’s in Massillon, Ohio (and Stow, Ohio soon!), Carter Lumber in Dover, Ohio as well as through a local showroom. Find your nearest location here.

This toilet installation is part of our Master Bathroom remodel. Check out our Lana Freestanding Tub and Walk-in Shower installation. Our bathroom remodel continues with double sink installation this week.

Check out Mansfield Plumbing’s website and Facebook page to start your next bathroom renovation project.

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