Santa or Jesus Must Have Made the Lazy Susan…

picture of Results of a day of installing kitchen cabinets

Our kitchen remodel is going really well. We are all excited about the progress being made, including our kids! We are so pleased with our kitchen cabinet selection that we purchased through CliqStudios. Yes! We ordered our cabinets online. It sounded a little scarey at first until we saw how easy it was to order cabinetry online, the savings of 38%, and the higher quality cabinets.

My husband and father-in-law went right to work installing the cabinets this week. They used a level to mark the straight lines on the 2 walls and installed the corner cabinet first. This cabinet was the CW2430-MFDL, which is a corner cabinet with an empty door for glass, to which we still need to purchase.

picture of Installing corner cabinet first
Installing corner cabinet first

They hung cabinets on either side from the corner, keeping everything lined up.

Then, they started adding base cabinets below, starting in the corner with the BSS36L Base Corner Super Susan. The Super Lazy Susan is built solid with 1/2″ plywood for added strength and durability! It makes the corner cabinet 100% accessible and useable space that would otherwise be not well utilized.

picture of Installing Wall & Base Cabinets
Installing Wall & Base Cabinets

My kids are so excited about the new kitchen cabinets so much that my 5 year old daughter proclaimed that,

Santa or Jesus Must Have Made the Lazy Susan because it is so amazing“.

picture of Cliq Studios Lazy Susan
Cliq Studios Super Susan

The Super Susan was the first thing that Elijah checked out when he came home from school too! I guess large spinning things are fun for kids!

picture of Checking out the Super Susan!
Checking out the Super Susan!

My favorite cabinet is the PC308424-ROT Pantry with roll out trays. I cannot wait to fill it with all of our food! Right now, our food is all over the place in our kitchen in various wall and base cabinets. It will be really nice to have everything in one place where I can actually see the food we have. The roll out trays are going to be so amazing, I can hardly wait!! Elizabeth is already talking about helping me cook in the kitchen more, can you tell she is excited?! 🙂

picture of Cliq Studios Pantry with Roll Out Trays
Cliq Studios Pantry with Roll Out Trays

Lastly, they attached the door and inserted the drawers of the cabinets installed. The inset doors are breathtakingly beautiful, I’m not kidding! We chose the Fairmont style with fabulous cabinet details. All of the drawers are slow-close drawers so there will be no more slamming, this is such an amazing “standard” feature that you pay extra for with other companies.

[slickr-flickr tag=cliqdoors]

I am more excited now than ever about our kitchen. My father-in-law has installed many, many cabinets with his home remodeling business. He was very impressed by the quality of the cabinets and that there was no damage with shipment. He said that generally there is always something damaged. Cliq Studios cabinets were very well packaged, check out my article on receiving the shipment.

In a day’s work, my father-in-law and husband were able to install primarily all of the wall and base cabinets. Next, they will install the island and bar.  I can’t believe that my kitchen is finally becoming a reality! In a couple weeks, I will be enjoying this new kitchen AND grabbing the sledge hammer to knock out the old kitchen, with pleasure! 🙂

picture of Results of a day of installing kitchen cabinets
Results of a day of installing kitchen cabinets

Find out more on the CliqStudios website.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to CliqStudios with their ongoing relationship with For more information on CliqStudios, visit them at

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