Our Second Floor Living Space (Kids Cave) Revealed!

This summer, we turned our spare bedroom into a second floor sitting room.  We tore out one wall to make the room open to the hallway.  Besides tearing out the wall and doing a little patch work on the walls, the only ‘major’ thing we had to do for this remodel was paint it and add new carpet. We went to Ace Hardware to pick out paint and amazingly we all agreed on a base and accent color together.
Painting is my favorite part of home remodeling because it quickly transforms a room with little effort and little expense. Nothing changes the entire look and feel of a room more affordably than a fresh coat of paint.  ceilingpaint2

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You may be tempted to skip the ceiling but don’t. Always paint the ceiling if you are going to be painting the walls, especially if you have no idea when they were painted last. I’m pretty sure our ceiling was the original paint from 50 years ago. Since we had the carpet out of the room, we didn’t even have to lay down plastic on the floor.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and use Valspar Ceiling Paint. It comes with color changing technology which means that you paint it on a light purple color and it dries white. This helps ensure complete coverage so you don’t miss any spots because painting white on white can be difficult.ceilingpaint1

I don’t know how well you can tell from this picture but I have about 1/2 of the ceiling painted. The difference is HUGE in real life. My new ceilings are fresh and clean. This one gallon of paint make a remarkable difference.

We painted the walls a denim blue from Clark + Kensington. This is a paint and primer in one so you don’t have to prime the walls – keeping an extra step is good for me! Our Ace Hardware associate recommended using a flat enamel for the walls to cover imperfections. We normally go with semi-gloss for walls but we went with her suggestion since we did a lot of patch work on the walls and it looks marvelous now. woman-painting-blue-wall

I’m in love with this blue, even though I vowed to never paint a single wall blue in this house when we moved in. When we moved into our home, the entire interior was baby blue – the ceilings, walls, windowpanes, trim – everything. This denim blue is far from baby blue, it’s a modern color that we are going to love for a very long time.

Kids can even help with painting! When my kids were younger, they wanted to help but that meant globs of paint on the way that we would have to quickly ‘touch up’ after they painted. Now that my kids are 9 and 11 years old, they actually help! My daughter focused on the hot water heat vents, the perfect task that was low enough for her to reach and perfect for her because she is so detail oriented.   girl-painting-baseboard-heating

If you aren’t sure about a color, you can get a sample for just $5 at Ace Hardware. Once you decide on a color, you can get that $5 back toward the purchase of a gallon of paint!

free paint at ace hardware

That is what we did for our accent color. My son wanted an orange color to accent the denim blue which looks good on paint swatches but I wasn’t sure how well it would look in ‘real life’ so we got a sample and started painting the closet doors.  The doors were my son’s job and he did a great job, the orange turned out really nice.

My kids did notice that the colors we chose are very similar to SkyZone colors – our favorite indoor trampoline place. I guess that means this will be a very fun room – although not as bright in color as SkyZone! boy-painting-closet-door-orange

We love the end result of the doors!


For the trim, we stuck with an off-white color that we paint all of our trim. It just makes it easy for paint touch ups throughout the year, plus it looks sharp against most colors, including the denim blue and orange in this room. trim-painting

After painting, this room is ready for the closet doors to be reattached and carpet to be laid down. We ordered STAINMASTER carpet again from Lowe’s because we love our STAINMASTER carpet in other parts of the house.in-progress

The room transformation is complete. Our kids love having an extra place to hang out, watch TV, and play. They have renamed the room “the kids cave” which is fine since they spend the most time in it.  They have their treasured items on the bookcase and toys on the floor. I love that they have another space to play in.


Let me remind you what this room looked like before the transformation:

How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

We still have to purchase furniture to complete the room but we are already enjoying this room way more than when it was an empty spare bedroom!


I highly recommend transforming an unused bedroom into a second floor living room if you have a need for extra living space like we did. It is a very easy home remodeling project that doesn’t take much money or time.  Be sure to stop by your local Ace Hardware store to pick out paint, they will happily assist you personally.

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