Creative Ohio Staycation Ideas for Families

Even before the pandemic, people were talking about staycations and the many benefits. There are many perks! You can skip jetlag, save money, and sleep in your own bed while checking out what your corner of the world has to offer. Just like any vacation, a staycation takes a little planning to make it unforgettable – and not just time off at home with your normal day-to-day routines.

Even now as our world is starting to open back up after the pandemic, many are still a little reluctant to travel far from home. If you are in that boat, fear not because there is plenty of fun to be had at your next staycation!

With so many natural wonders in Ohio, there is no reason to go far! You can explore the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, one of the Great Lakes – Lake Erie, enjoy world-class amusement parks at Cedar Point or King’s Island, explore Put-in-Bay island, hike endless hikes, discover waterfalls, walk a ropes course or speed down a zipline, hike to a cave, step back into time in Amish Country, or take in the sights of cities big and small!

Being a tourist in your own city or state, keeps your money local, supporting local businesses that need it more now than ever!

Whether you plan a weekend, week or a month, it is important to treat your staycation as a vacation – don’t schedule a root canal or run into work for 1/2 a day – you are on vacation. Block that time off from the ordinary!

Set a budget and write down the top 10 things your family would like to do. Plan your days and nights like you would a vacation – don’t go home and log back onto facebook (or work). Plan your days and nights like you would any vacation.

Don’t forget to do a little souvenir shopping – grab that local t shirt or better yet- get custom-printed shirts or mugs of your adventures – so don’t forget the camera! Check out all our Travel Ohio ideas!

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