Zoo Med Terra Effects Nano LED with Sound Review

Zoo Med Terra Effect Nano LED Review

To take care of your creatures right, you need to check out the new Zoo Med Terra Effects Nano LED with Sound. This feature-rich LED light offers dynamic light and sound effects that your creatures and plants will benefit from greatly. This programmable timer allows you to customize your pet’s living environment including a natural day light cycle with built-in sunrise and sunset feature, synchronized natural sound effects, and 5 color channels including UVA! Your pet will be living the dream – with a replica of his own natural environment.

Zoo Med Terra Effects Nano LED with Sound Video Review

Check out this video review of the Zoo Med Terra Effects Nano LED by my 14 year old son, Elijah!

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Zoo Med Terra Effects Nano LED with Sound Review

We chose to use the Zoo Med Terra Effect Nano LED with Sound in our milk frog’s tank. My son was excited to see how powerful this nano LED light is with 41 LEDS and 335 LUMENS.

He is loving all his Zoo Med additions including the Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED Waterfall where he spends most of his days and nights climbing on and resting inside and the Zoo Med Repti Rain that automatically keeps the humidity perfect all the time.

Choose from 5 adjustable color channels including UVA which is excellent for plant health and growth.  The high output LEDs encourage live plant growth no matter which color light you choose.It is easy to set up your favorite fully customizable spectrum and program the 24 hour timer.   Base your light color preference based on the type of animal you have and types of plants you have in your terrarium and the time of day or night you wish to have the light on. The spectrum is fully customizable so you can achieve the exact affect that you want. You can even customize the spectrum by day and night. There is so much this Nano LED can do for you!

The feature we love most is the built in sunrise sunset feature. This allows our milk frog to have a reliable and constant sunrise time and sunset time. As humans, our schedules change based on the time of year and even the weekday vs weekend. If we are turning the lights on and off, it will not be consistent for our pets. The natural sunrise and sunset provides a more stable and reliable environment for our pets.

This light comes with an easy-to-use remote to access all the light and sound effects.The sound effects are incredibly fun! This provides the ambiance your pet desires to feel like he’s right at home. Choose from 8 audio tracks including a stream, jungle, crickets, and more. We use a different soundtrack for the day and night time.

You can also use the remote to customize your lights and sounds with a programmable 24 hour timer.

We love all our Zoo Med products. They are very well designed and made with quality products that you and your pets can rely on. Check out all our Zoo Med reviews here.

You can purchase the Zoo Med Terra Effects Nano LED with Sound on the Zoo Med website, on Amazon, and at retailers including Pet Supplies Plus locally.

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