Leprechaun Mischief

picture of leprechaun mischief

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you made a Leprechaun Trap, you might have awoken to some leprechaun mischief like our family did.

He left gold leprechaun dust and shamrock confetti all through the downstairs, into every bathroom, and the kids bedrooms. Mommy wasn’t happy with that leprechaun since I just swept the floors yesterday. ;)

Plus, the leprechaun got my little girl’s tea set out, left it all over the floor and even used it to eat the Lucky Charms leprechaun bait we left for him. At least he had manners and cut the marshmallows with the knife!

picture of leprechaun mischief
leprechaun mischief

Of course, he had to turn the toilet water green all through the house. He must have put it in the water tanks because our kids have flushed and flushed the toilets and it is still green in the toilet!

picture of Leprechaun Mischief of Green Toilet Water
Leprechaun Mischief of Green Toilet Water

He even put the gold leprechaun dust in our kids hair, on their beds, and on their faces. That was a little close to the eyes for my liking. Oops!

picture of Gold Leprechaun Dust
Gold Leprechaun Dust

He left random green toys all over the place.

picture of Leprechaun Mischief
Leprechaun Mischief

There is still time to have some St. Patrick’s Day fun with your family. Check out our St. Patrick’s Day Treats recipe and A Craft Activity for St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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