Retreat to the Inn at Cedar Falls for a Romantic Ohio Getaway – a Hocking Hills Travel Review

Have you ever gone somewhere and totally felt at peace?  My husband and I had the most awesome opportunity to visit the Inn at Cedar Falls next door to Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, OH. This delicious inn boasts rooms, cottages, and cabins all tailored to allowing city folk a chance to escape.

Let me tell you first what the Inn does NOT have: No cell phone towers for miles, no television sets, no land line phones in the room or cabins, and no light pollution crowding out the star lit sky.  Although it took a little to get used to, we found this a tremendous feature in allowing us to focus on each other, and not on petty things, like, oh, the blog….

Cottages at the Inn at Cedar Falls

We were booked into a cottage across the country lane from the inn itself.  Scattered across acres are a number of cottages like ours  pictured below.  Mostly one large living area and a spacious bathroom, the cottage was impeccably clean, decorated in a simple (not ornate) country style and included a couple of antiques.   A gas fireplace, jacuzzi tub, very plush king size bed, and a seating area was just, perfect. If you prefer, you can even stay in an actual 1800’s cabin too.

 Hocking Hills Cottage
Inn at Cedar Falls Cottage

No need or want to close the window blinds in the cottage – the nearest neighbors were a couple hundred feet away, and the skyline is beautiful!

Interior of Cottage at the Inn at Cedar Falls
Inside of a Cottage at the Inn at Cedar Falls

The backporch of the cottage was right up against nature.  Trees loomed extremely close, bringing you as close as you wanted to God’s handiwork. No sight of cottages or people to distract you from peace and relaxation. We live in the woods so much of the scenery outside was what we see in our own backyard. Still, it was pretty and more relaxing at home. We stepped outside at dark and was in complete amazement. It was like seeing the night sky for the first time with thousands of twinkling stars winking down at us. The sky was so clear, the stars were so bright, I’ve never seen such beauty before. How I wish our skies were not so light polluted.

Outdoor Living in Hocking Hills
My idea of Outdoor Living in Hocking Hills

The Inn at Cedar Falls is a complete place to retreat. The bed was one of the most comfortable I’ve slept on away from home, the bedding was plush. Everything you need including shampoo, lotions, and soap is provided. They don’t stop there, you’ll also find his and hers robes and slippers, heated towel racks, nature sounds machine, and refrigerator.

jacuzzi tub
The Jacuzzi Tub had a nearby heated towel rack, and was 7 feet from the bed

Where is Hocking Hills and Logan, OH?

Hocking Hills is located about 3 hours from Akron, OH.  It is approximately 45 minutes south east of Columbus.  Depending on where you live, you might take I-71 through Columbus, or I-77 through Canton and Cambridge to get there. 3 hours from Pittsburgh, 3-1/2 hours from Indianapolis, 5 hours from Detroit, 4 hours from Cleveland, 2-1/2 hours from Cincinnati, 1-1/2 hours from central Columbus.

Logan, OH 43138

The Restaurant at the Inn at Cedar Falls

The Inn at Cedar Falls boasts conference room capabilities, spa, and plenty of spaces to enjoy the company of those around you – and other guests too!  Matt and I had the opportunity to sit down with a number of people while waiting for dinner.  The fireplace pictured below was a central gathering place and really allowed for conversation. But, BUT, the crown of visiting the Inn itself was the food!

Fireside at the Inn at Cedar Falls before Dinner
Fireside at the Inn at Cedar Falls before Dinner

The night we had dinner at the Inn at Cedar Falls, the head chef was not cooking!  He had the day off and was sitting at the table next to us leading a wine tasting dinner that a number of couples had signed up for.  It looked very interesting and was a great way, again, to meet other guests.  The sous-chef prepared our meals.

Now, it is Really really hard to take pictures of food at restaurants.  Your limited by the lighting, and Camera flashes just drown out your food, but, below are my best shots of our meals.

The Inn at Cedar Falls has a very good assortment of wine and beer for every taste. Meals can be ordered as a 3 course or ala carte. Matt started his dinner off with the soup of the day, tomato soup. I was surprised he would order tomato soup, it’s just not something I order at a restaurant. Let me tell you, I should have. This was a very fresh tasting, creamy soup, very delicious. For his main entree, he completely enjoyed their Lobster Ravioli. It was creamy, delicious and full of flavor.

Lobster Ravioli Plate
Lobster Ravioli enjoyed by my husband

I began dinner with their  house salad of mixed greens, slivered onion, tomato, cucumber, parmesan & house-made vinaigrette. So fresh!  For my main entree, I practically devoured the Grilled Filet Mignon w/Pink Demi, Caramelized Shallots, Pink Peppercorn Demi & asparagus and buttermilk mashed potatoes. It was so tender, moist, and prepared perfectly to my taste. My mouth is watering right now as I recall how delicious it was.

Filet enjoyed by ME

We couldn’t resist dessert, although we were quite full already! I thoroughly enjoyed the Mixed Berry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream. I just love blackberries and raspberries so this was a treat. It was the most exceptional berry cobbler I’ve tasted. Matt ordered the Decadent Chocolate Dessert, made without flour, this dessert is like a rich, moist fudge cake. A chocolate lover’s dream come true! All desserts are made from scratch on daily.

Although the restaurant is in an 1800’s restored cabin, the food is that of the finest restaurants available. Certainly, the restaurant at the Inn at Cedar Falls is fine dining at its best in Hocking Hills and central Ohio. The restaurant is open by reservations only every evening.

Make the holidays even more special by treating your loved ones to dinner at The Inn at Cedar Falls. Upcoming dinner events include: New Years Eve Celebration Dinner – $49/Person, Valentine’s Day Dinner – $49/Person, Father’s Day BBQ – $18/adults. $12/Children under 10, Mother’s Day Brunch – $21/Adults, $12/Children under 10, and Easter Brunch – $21/Adults, $12/Children under 10.

The Next Morning

OK, you might find SOME mommy blogs talk about how wonderful and enchanting a night at the Inn at Cedar Falls  was enjoyed.  But I won’t.  I won’t tell you what I wore, I won’t tell you what games we played, or how the bathroom got heated up.  You know me, its not in my vocabulary.  But I can talk about Breakfast.   Fresh Fruit Bar, Quiche, hearty oatmeal, juices, coffee, tea.  All good.  It was nice to enjoy a morning start surrounded by tables of people that we saw/met the night before- with no embarrassing looks due to noise complaints– again, the cottages are hundreds of feet apart.

Waiting for Breakfast
Waiting for Breakfast

Enjoying the morning together at the Inn at Cedar Falls

I think we had the absolute best November day that Ohio ever had.  The skies were blue, and the sun was warm.  My husband and I toured the grounds of the Inn, found a roof top garden, and took some photos.  It was fun!  Again, with no cell phone coverage, there was nothing else to focus on or worry about.

On the Grounds of the Inn at Cedar Falls
On the Grounds of the Inn at Cedar Falls- This retaining wall held back gardens, a roof top garden, fire pit, and the hotel
Cute Portrait
Cute Portrait
Plenty of Time for Posing

Why Hocking Hills for a Getaway?

Hocking Hills state park is the most visited state park in Ohio.  Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, and a number of tourist attractions dot the landscape.  Although you could take longer, we spent one morning exploring what seemed to be the best parts of both caves and falls.  Simply, we need to bring the kids back there. Although a romantic spot for two, our kids would love the outdoor attractions as a Hocking Hills family vacation. There are several popular caves, waterfalls, rock climbing, many trails to explore, and even a couple zip lines (Hocking Hills Canopy Tour is recommended). This is our kind of getaway. You’ll also find golf, horseback riding, canoeing, and guided tours available. Of course, for all your therapeutic treatments, enjoy The Spa at Cedar Falls.

Taking the walkway down to Cedar Falls
Getting Ash Cave into View
Getting Ash Cave into View

Plan a trip to the Inn at Cedar Falls

If you are looking for a way to escape with your spouse to a remarkably scenic location right here in Ohio, Hocking Hills is the place. The landscape offers a beautiful backdrop no matter what time of year. If you want all of the comforts of home without the distractions, the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is the place for you. Forget about the laptop & cell phone, relax at the spa and dine at a fine dining restaurant for a few days. Believe me, after the first hour, you won’t miss the laptop, cell phone, radio, or tv! You’ll return home refreshed and more connected with your spouse.

Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls
21190 State Route 374
Logan ,Ohio 43138
Directions to the Inn
Phone: 1-800-653-2557
Fax: 740-385-0820
Reserve Online

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to the Inn at Cedar Falls who provided the getaway through Weirwrick.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Hocking Hills is great, George! I’ve heard about that winter hike, it is the thing to do. It seems that they make a huge deal out of it too with hot chocolate and chili if you finish it. Yea, that goofy guy is my hubby, as you know! lol

  2. George Simpson says:

    Who is that goofy guy sitting next to you, he looks a little familiar.

    Really nice story Cindy, my wife and I used to go to Hocking Hills all the time when we lived in Columbus. They have a winter hike in February that we went on along with 6000 of our closest friend, snowed all day. It was a great time.


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