Zip Lining with Diabetes and SPIbelt (Small Personal Item Belt)

spibelt insulin pump belt

If you are a runner, there are key items you want to keep with you like your phone, keys, and cash. If you are a Type 1 Diabetic, you’ll want to keep with you glucose tabs/sugar, insulin or insulin pump. If you fall into either or both categories, SPIbelt (Small Personal Item Belt) is made for you!

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Zip Lining with Diabetes and SPIbelt (Small Personal Item Belt)

SPIbelt is innovative and nothing like the old fashion fanny packs to keep items on your body. SPIbelts are designed to hold personal items discreetly around your waste either under or above your clothing.  They allow you to carry essentials with you in any condition – including running, zip lining, to school, and on any adventure.spibelt insulin pump belt

My children are both Type 1 Diabetics (the auto-immune diabetes that has no cure – diet and exercise has nothing to do with it). My kids are active and love the outdoors. We are often hiking, rock climbing, bike riding, and zip lining. They both wear insulin pumps which can get in the way of life very easily if they are not secure. SPIbelt has been amazing, keeping their insulin pumps close to their bodies, secure, safe, and discreet.spibelt insulin pump belt

On our recent trip to Santa Claus, Indiana, we went zip lining. This was our first test of the SPIbelt. Look at all the gear they have to wear to zip line, the SPIbelt kept their insulin pumps secure against their bodies.  This is way safer than having their pumps in their pockets.

SPIbelts come in a number of sizes and a large variety of styles. Below, my daughter is wearing the Lanai Large Pocket SPIbelt – isn’t it cute?! The pocket on this belt is large enough to hold an iPhone®6S Plus or Galaxy Note 5 so it is way big enough for her insulin pump and glucose tabs or other sugar. We could fit her meter and lancer in here too if she would like – however she doesn’t want to carry all that weight on her at all times.

spibelt insulin pump belt

Above, my son is wearing the Original SPIbelt in the American Flag design. He loves it! He chooses to wear his above his clothing most of the time while my daughter wears her SPIbelt under. His belt is spacious enough for an iPhone 6S, so it carries his diabetes supplies and pump easily.

Diabetic Medical SPIbelt

SPIbelt also carries Medical SPIbelts made specifically for carrying medical items like insulin pumps, EpiPen®, inhalers, insulin vials, pens, syringes, blood glucose meters, fast-acting glucose, and more. The Medical SPIbelt comes with a reinforced pass-through hole behind the pocket of the belt for the insulin pump line to pass through to your site. They come in a variety of sizes including a double pocket (perfect for CGMs and insulin pump wearers) and kid sizes too.

We highly recommend SPIbelt for insulin pumps. It has made a big difference for my kids and their active lives. Since the SPIbelt was made to keep items in place for runners, it works perfectly to keep the pumps from moving up and down as my kids run and play too.

If you or your child has Type 1 Diabetes, do yourself a favor and purchase a SPIbelt (or two) today – they are very affordable compared to other running belts and medical belts too. Also available on

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