Gifts for Easter that Your Kids Want

It is time to start shopping for gifts for Easter Baskets.  While walking down the Easter aisles at the store, you’ll find an assortment of adorable bunnies, chicks, eggs, and other novelty items designed to catch your eye with the Easter Spring theme. Or you choose a pre-filled Easter Basket, that is normally very exciting to look at but filled with cheap, inexpensive toys that will break before Easter day is over.

From experience, I suggest that you buy the Easter candy and then high-tail it out of the Easter aisle. Hop on over to toy department for gifts for Easter that your kids want. You’ll find toys that are higher quality that will last.

Gifts for Easter that Your Kids Want

There are amazing finds this year to fill your kids Easter baskets with the gifts for Easter that they want and will play with all year. (Cute bunny toys are only cute on Easter!)  Below are some ideas of quality products from brands you trust like Hasbro, Playskool, and Moose that are small enough to give as gift for Easter baskets.

Gifts for Easter for Girls

Littlest Pet Shop

My daughter loves Littlest Pet Shop.  Adding any Littlest Pet Shop character would make her day.  There are always new pets to love with LPS.  The new Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Hide and Sweet Chipmunk is so adorable hiding in a slice of cake. The chipmunk actually will pop up from her hiding sot when you push down on the top of the cake – too adorable! My daughter is going to love adding Hide and Sweet Chipmunk to her LPS collection!

If you feel like you have to buy a bunny for Easter, buy the LPS Walkables Bunny, your daughter will love it!

I also like Littlest Pet Shop for gifts for Easter because they are affordable at only around $7.99. Ages 4+

girl easter basket toys

Furreal Friends Snuggimals

Furreal Friends Snuggimals also make great gifts for Easter baskets for girls ages 4+. They come in a variety of characters including ponies, puppies, kittens, seals, and more so your daughter can enjoy her favorite animal.  My daughter loves horses and ponies, so the Furreal Friends Snuggimals Walkin’ Ponies Shimmer Sky Pet is just perfect for her.  We have a couple other Furreal Friends and they are made very well. This Snuggimal actually walks when you pet her back. It is super adorable, just like the other Furreal Friends.  The pony comes with a brush and scarf t to keep her groomed

This Walkin’ Pony runs about $16.99.



We had the chance to review Gelarti in the past. It is a great gift for Easter for girls ages 5+. Gelarti is a creative product that allows kids to make their own stickers with paint and glitter pens. You can buy them in a variety of themes like birds, underwater, fashion, and safari.

Gelarti Gifts for Easter
Gelarti Gifts for Easter

Gelarti retails $9.99 and up.



Blingles would make fun gifts for Easter for girls ages 6+. Blingles add sparkle and bling to anything and everything girls love. Girls can make jeweled stickers that will adhere to any smooth surface. Each kit comes with all you need to design theme stickers to put on cell phones, diaries, MP3 players, and more. Read our Blingles review to learn more.

Gifts for Easter Blingles
Gifts for Easter Blingles

Blingles kits are about $9.99 each.


Gifts for Easter for Boys

Skip the cute bunnies this Easter and give boys what they really want when selecting gifts for Easter!

Beyblade Electro Spark Battle Tops

My son is always on the lookout for a new Beyblade to battle in his battle dome. Your son can never have enough Beyblade tops to battle each other! My son is going to flip out when you see the new Beyblade Electro Spark Battle Top in his Easter basket!  It does everything! The LED lights light up and flash when it collides with another Beyblade! It comes with a ripcord launcher, top, and collector card.

My son received Beyblades last Eater too!


Beyblade Electro Spark Battler Tops are around $14.99 each.

boy easter basket toys

The Trash Pack

Kids loves The Trash Pack – both boys and girls! Kids like collecting the gross trashies that have personalities of their own, there are now 100 new characters to collect with the Series 3 collection. My son will love checking out this new 5-pack on Easter morning! Read our The Trash Pack review for more details.

The Trash Pack Series 3 run about $11.99 and up for ages 5+.

Nerf N-Sports Pro Grip Football

Any boy would be excited to receive a Nerf N-Sports Pro Grip Football as a gift for Easter.  It is about the size of a regulation football but with bright textured exterior for better throwing and catching.

Nerf N-Sports Pro Grip Football Gift for Easter
Nerf N-Sports Pro Grip Football Gift for Easter

The Nerf N-Sports Pro Grip Football runs about $11.99 each for ages 4+.

Transformers Rescue Bots

Playskool offers an assortment of Transformers Rescue Bots that boys 3-7 would enjoy receiving as gift for Easter this year!

Easter Basket Toys Action Figure

I’ll be giving the above Transformers Rescue Bot Chase the Police-Bot to my nephew. It can be easily converted from a car to a robot with rescue tools. Your boy will have fun saving the day with his Rescue Bot.

Transformers Rescue Bots run about $14.99 each.

Hasbro Spring Special

Right now, you can buy 2 Hasbro Toys and get 1 FREE on the HasbroToyShop website. Select toys at this link.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Litsky who provided the products for review.

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