Driving the Ford Fusion Energi to Massachusetts – Fusion Video Review

The Ford Fusion Energi is an extended-range, plug-in version of the Fusion Hybrid. We had the pleasure of reviewing the Ford Fusion Energi during our road trip to Mass. I have never driven a hybrid before so I was excited to test it out.  First off, the Ford Fusion Energi is a gorgeous, sleek car with plenty of details including chrome grille, solar tinted glass windows, and a ruby red metallic tinted clearcoat.


Ford Fusion Energi Video Review

Ford Fusion Energi Gas Milage

The Ford Fusion Energi gets approximately 21 miles of travel by electric power alone before it shifts into normal hybrid operation. Running on electric for those 21 miles, the Ford Fusion Energi gets an amazing 100 mpg. It is easy to plug the Ford Fusion Energi into your normal electric outlet and takes several hours to be at full power. This is a cinch to plug in at night to be ready for the next day of travel.

Ford Fusion Energi
Plugging in the Ford Fusion Energi

The electric battery is located at the back of the car, in the trunk area.

Ford Fusion Energi
Ford Fusion Energi

We enjoyed watching the car go from battery charging and use to the traditional gasoline use during our trip. My husband explains how it all works in the below video.

We averaged 41 mpg for our trip – since we weren’t able to plug it in at our hotels! This was still amazing gas mileage.  We only filled up twice during out trip to Massachusetts and back. We saved a lot of money driving the Ford Fusion Energi compared to our other cars.

Ford Fusion Energi Interior

The interior was roomy, seating 5 with plenty of extras that my family enjoyed. I had recently pulled my back out of place before our trip. I was actually concerned about traveling such a distance as my back was still healing. I can’t tell you how nice the lumbar support and 4-way power seats were!

Ford Fusion Energi Interior
Ford Fusion Energi Interior

Plus, the Ford Fusion Energi comes standard with leather-trimmed and heated seats. The heat felt good on my achy back – even in August! I’m sure they are extra wonderful during cooler months.

The advanced navigation system with SiriusXM Traffic adn SiriusXM Travel Link services was very beneficial during out trip – we used it extensively.  Traveling with kids in the backseat, it was nice to have the dual-zone temperature controls too.  At the beginning of the trip, my daughter had the sniffles, we were so happy that the Ford Fusion Energi comes standard with a cabin air filter to keep our air fresh.

The Ford Fusion Energi  comes standard with a tilt and telescoping steering wheel to adjust per driver. It also comes with cruise control for the long stretches of travel.

My kids had plenty of space in the back seat too with the middle seat for toys and car activities!

P1090823 P1090796Keeping kids entertained and happy was a breeze with the standard entertainment system in the Ford Fusion Energi. It comes with an AM/FM sereo, CD player, is MP3 capable, and has 6 speakers. We kept ourselves entertained with music, SiriusXM channels, CDs, and books on both CDs and MP3.

The back seat 12 volt and 120 volt outlets kept our kids happy too with power for my laptop for movies and for recharging their game systems.

Ford Fusion Energi Review

Ford Fusion Energi for Road Trips

Like I said, we saved a lot of money on gas during this road trip since we got an average of 41mpg. We started our trip early at 2am, hoping our kids would sleep for the majority of the 11 hour trip. We took a side trip through New York City since we had never been. It was exciting to see Times Square and all the ads for Disney’s Infinity game system.

Disney Infinity in New York City
Disney Infinity in New York City

We drove by a Disney Despicable Me 2 Bus in New York City too.

Disney Despicable Me 2 Bus in New York City
Disney Despicable Me 2 Bus in New York City

We arrived at  Cape Codder in Hyannis, MA at 5pm. We were ready to relax and splash in the indoor wave pool.

Ford Fusion Energi at Cape Codder
Ford Fusion Energi at Cape Codder

From there, we took a trip to Plymouth, MA to visit the land of the pilgrims and stayed at the Blue Spruce Motel and Townhouses. We were able to check out the auto-sensing wipers as it began to rain while there. Thankfully it was only a drizzle and didn’t keep us from our Plymouth attractions.

We drove back to another part of Cape Cod in Falmouth, MA at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel. Our Ford Fusion Energi was in good company, another Fusion pulled in right next to us!

FordFusionEnergiWe had fun counting the Fords on our return trip at a hotel in Scranton, PA too.

We had such a fun time driving around in the Ford Fusion Energi. We even had a couple people ask us how it ran, the mpg, and how we liked it during our trip. Of course, I gave them the full tour! This would make an excellent car for traveling around town with your kids or to and from work everyday since you would be able to fully take advantage of the hybrid element. Being able to use both electricity and gasoline makes this a great car for anyone.

Aside from the amazing gas mileage, it is a smooth riding car with lots of built-in features that make it luxurious and comfortable.  If you are in the market for a new car, check out the Ford Fusion Energi.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Ford who provided us with the car for the week for review.

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