You Had No Idea How Quickly a Room Could Be Transformed – 1 Day Vinyl Tile Project

1 Day Project - New Mud Room Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Every home needs a mud room, especially if you have kids and pets! It is where we wash muddy hands – and muddy paws. It is where we hang out coats, store shoes, and work on household projects that get, well, muddy and messy. Our mud room has been the one room in our house that  I keep the door shut when guests come over…and the one room my kids like to swing the door open to. I’ve hated this room since we moved in 5 years ago.

Our mud room started out as the entrance to our home through the garage – we didn’t have a front door! This room was where the dishwasher was housed – completely away from the kitchen – I broke so many dishes transporting from room to room early on!

How To Install Vinyl Tile

It was also where the washer and dryer was for the first 6 months that we lived there. Can you imagine having laundry and dishes in the ‘main entrance’ of your home? It was a nightmare. Thankfully, we built a 2nd floor laundry room right away.

This winter, we repaired the walls and painted them. Last month, we started scraping up the old 50 year old linoleum flooring. What a chore! Hours and hours of work. We did it over the course of a few weeks with my husband and I taking turns using a screwdriver and hammer to scrap it up. We tried many other techniques – as this is not our first floor removal project, but this nasty flooring was glued down tight!How To Install Vinyl Tile

1 Day Project – New Mud Room Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installed

The rest of the flooring project was completed in just 1 day! You gotta love 1 day projects that totally transform a home!! We installed Tarkett PermaStone Collection in Firenze Leather, the same flooring in our foyer and guest bathroom.

We cleaned the floors of debris and used Tarkett 800 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive on the floors.  This adhesive is easy to spread with a thin trowel (1/16″ x 1/16″ x 1/16″ recommended). Let it sit for about 1 hour to dry until it is tacky to the touch but doesn’t stick to your fingers. One container of 800 adhesive covers about 180 sq ft., I had to use just over 1 container.

How To Install Vinyl Tile

I applied the adhesive in small sections so that I could reach each section with the tiles. The bottles at the top was just to give a little extra weight on tiles that seemed to need a little more weight – I think the flooring wasn’t exactly 100% level.

If you have never installed tiles in your home before, luxury vinyl tile is your best bet. It is super easy to do and there are no fancy tools like a tile saw required! Just use snips to cut tiles to size or around plumbing, etc.

How to install vinyl tile

You can install luxury vinyl tiles in a number of designs. For our kids bathroom, we installed it square on, with grout lines.

how to install vinyl tiles

For our foyer, we used a brick or offset pattern with grout lines.

how to install vinyle tile

For our mud room, we decided to use an offset pattern without grout lines. I’m a fan of grout lines but my husband wanted to try something different. I really, really like the look without grout lines too. Plus, it was much quicker to install. Just place the tiles down on the floor right up against each other.

How to install vinyl tile

The flooring was done in no time! We complete the entire room on Saturday. It would have been even quicker if we didn’t have to wait 1 hour between adhesive applications. I’m really pleased with the results.

Next, we have to add trim to the walls to complete the look. We also have to install the utility tub back – although we are toying with the idea of adding a sauna instead! This flooring turned the room that I always wanted the door shut into a spa-like room that I could see myself spending time in!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Tarkett who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of products at

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