Check Out the Vessel Sinks We Installed in our Master Bathroom!

Mansfield Plumbing ARAMIS vessel sink review

Our master bathroom remodel continues with a double sink vanity. We chose the Mansfield Plumbing ARAMIS above-counter vessel sinks that complements both transitional and modern bathroom décor.  The deep basin makes it perfectly functional while the unique features like the hidden drain adds high-end luxury to any bathroom.

Our previous bathroom had a single sink with minimal counter and a faucet that leaked. I have been ready to remodel this bathroom since we moved in 9 years ago…so you can imagine how excited I am to install a double vanity with vessel sinks!

This is a sponsored post for Mansfield Plumbing. All opinions are my own.

We Installed Vessel Sinks in our Master Bathroom

What I like about adding a new sink to your bathroom is that it is an easy DIY update that anyone can do. Whether you are completely remodeling your bathroom or just want to update the sink and counter, installing a beautiful new sink can quickly add elegance and style to your bathroom.

But first, demolition time for us! We tour out the walls and floor and started new.  The sinks are actually on the same side of the bathroom which is to the right on the picture below.

Once we installed the counter, it was time to place the sinks on the counter to see where we wanted them. My husband and father-in-law installed the sinks but I had to approve the location! :) We decided on above-the-counter vessels sinks to add a sleek, yet practical modern elegance to our master bathroom. The ARAMIS vessel sinks from Mansfield Plumbing are even more stunning in person than on their website!

The sinks came with a template for getting the exact placement of the sinks on the counter.

As you can see, the template is exactly where the sink will drop down into the counter. We have an above-the-counter vessel but the bottom and plumbing still needs a place to go! This ARAMIS vessel sink is also available as a Drop-in lavatory and Undermount lavatory if you prefer either of those looks.

Once the template is cut out, the next step is to trace around the template. They did measure along the walls to make sure it was squared up correctly. I admit that I was a little nervous that the counter wouldn’t be exactly where it needed or perfectly lined up. I was thankful that both my husband and father-in-law have done this before.

This is where sink #1 will be with a matching one on the right.

Using a jig-saw, we cut a hole to accommodate the sink and drain assembly. The hole looks big but did you see the template above? There is plenty of room for the hole to be hidden by the base of the sink.  After installing, they used a bead of silicone under and around the edge of the vessel to prevent water from working its way under the sink.

Look at this beautifully installed vessel sink! The modern rectangular design with hidden drain of the ARAMIS vessel sink would add interest to any bathroom, no matter how you mount it. We chose the above counter vessel for the most dramatic affect and I’m so pleased with the results! If you are looking for a modern and ergonomic vessel sink for your bathroom, consider this model. It is gorgeous while practical with a deep basin for less splashes.

Mansfield Plumbing ARAMIS vessel sink review

This style and design adds interest and high-end luxury to our sleek, modern master bathroom. We added a simplest single lever bathroom faucet that compliments the modern style of the sink. Mansfield Plumbing ARAMIS vessel sink review

Did you spot the drain yet? The ARAMIS has a gorgeously minimalist hidden drain to the right of the deep basin. I love this feature, this high-end detail adds even more interest to this show-stopping bathroom centerpiece.  Mansfield Plumbing ARAMIS vessel sink review

I love how easy to clean this sink is as well, offering better hygiene too. Did you notice the deck space? There is plenty of space for soaps and bottles if you prefer them on the sink and not the counter too.Mansfield Plumbing ARAMIS vessel sink review

The ARAMIS double sinks really are a striking focal point to our master bathroom.  It is a lovely choice that complements both transitional and modern bathroom decor. Mansfield Plumbing ARAMIS vessel sink review

This DIY project is a quick way to update any bathroom – guest, kids, or master bathroom. You can order the ARAMIS sinks on the Mansfield Plumbing website for $170- 220 each, depending on the style you choose.

This sink installation is part of our Master Bathroom remodel. Check out our Lana Freestanding Tub, Walk-in Shower , Vanquish toilet with side mount seat hinges installation. Our complete bathroom remodel reveal is coming later this week!

Check out Mansfield Plumbing’s website and Facebook page to start your next bathroom renovation project.

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