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Do you have a family-favorite Christmas recipe that everyone requests? Maybe you have a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. Have you tweaked these recipes to be uniquely your own? If so, I have a cooking contest for you! Smith’s Rockin’ Around the Recipes Contest is now accepting entries in 4 unique categories, giving you the chance at some really great prizes!

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Smith’s Rockin’ Around the Recipes Contest

I won my first cooking contest a decade ago and have been cooking and baking for a living ever since. The funny thing is, I had little cooking and baking experience back then but I knew what flavors my family (and as it turns out USA) liked, so I put those flavors together for the contest. I say this to encourage YOU to also enter your recipe into Smith’s Rockin’ Around the Recipes Contest! You don’t have to be an expert or seasoned chef to enter this contest – if you have a Christmas recipe that your family loves then enter it for a chance of prizes worth up to $150 each!

The only requirement is that you must use at least one Smith’s Dairy ingredient – which is easy with all of the variety they have!

Most Christmas recipes already include at least one Smith’s ingredient so that’s the easy part. We love buying and using Smith’s ingredients because they come from local farms around Orrville, Ohio! Being local, their premium dairy products are the freshest you can get which comes out in the flavor of anything I make. Secondly for the contest, simply submit the title of your recipe, photo (your own, not copied from internet), ingredients, and instructions on their easy on-line form.

There are 4 categories that you can enter meaning you are guaranteed a spot to enter any of your favorite Christmas recipes – you can enter as many contest categories as you’d like but you can only win one. I suggest entering more than one to increase your chances of winning! Entries must be posted by December 22, 2021.

Party Hop

If you enter a recipe in the Party Hop category, you’ll want to include recipes that are perfect for holiday gatherings.

If I were entering this contest, I’d enter my Hot Gouda Bacon Dip recipe. Everyone loves it at parties, especially at Christmastime. It includes Smith’s Sour Cream in the recipe for the ultimate creamy dip everyone loves.

Hot Gouda Bacon Dip Recipe

Another recipe that I’d consider entering is my Filet Mignon Appetizer with Creamy Horseradish Sauce that I created for Smith’s a while back. It is the perfect way to treat your family to an expensive cut of meat because you use so little of it in these 2-bite size appetizers. The horseradish sauce on top is so good you could eat it by the spoonful – and great for topping other meats, baked potatoes, and vegetables (roasted or raw) too! This sauce is made with Smith’s Old Fashioned Sour Cream, giving this sauce a rich, creamy indulgent texture and taste.

Filet Mignon Appetizer with Creamy Horseradish Sauce

If you win this category, you’ll take home a Stainless Steel Chafing Dishes which is perfect for serving food during family meals and parties.

Sentimental Feeling

If you enter a recipe in the Party Hop category, you’ll want to include recipes that reflect your family and/or your ethnicity.

For this recipe, I’d enter my Eggnog Crème Brûlée, another recipe I created for Smith’s Dairy. Be sure to watch the how-to video on Smith’s website for this one! This recipe reflects our French heritage as well as our love for Eggnog!  Not only is Smith’s Eggnog delicious to drink but amazing to cook with! This recipe uses Smith’s Eggnog and Heavy Whipping Cream for the ultimate Christmas dessert. It’s easier than you’d think to make this delicious recipe, even if it seems fancy.

Eggnog Crème Brûlée Recipe

The winner will receive a Ninja Air Fryer so you can recreate all those family recipes but in a healthier way.

Boughs of Holly

If you enter a recipe in the Boughs of Holly category, you’ll want to include recipes that are festively decorated.

For this category, I’d enter my husband’s family’s Sparkling Cranberry Christmas Cake! I was happy to share this recipe on Acme Fresh Market’s website last year where you’ll also find a how-to video. This is such a festive cake as it is, with every bite you burst open a fresh cranberry! The simple orange glaze on top uses Smith’s Orange Juice and it’s the perfect topping to this and any other cake, muffin, croissant, or bakery this season and throughout the year. A pop of orange flavor at Christmas is the best!  This recipe could also be entered into the New Old Fashioned Way category because I did add a twist to this traditional recipe by adding sugared berries on top of the cake – my kids love sugared berries so it makes the cake more of our ‘own’ and I think more festive too.

Cranberry Christmas Cake

If you win, you’ll receive a gorgeous Woodland Better Serving Platter to display your edible masterpieces!

New Old Fashioned

If you enter a recipe in the New Old Fashioned category, you’ll want to include recipes that put a twist on a traditional favorite.  Everyone loves mashed potatoes for family gatherings but I couldn’t resist putting a twist on this traditional favorite with my Chip Dip Mashed Potato Cups recipe! Find the how-to video on Smith’s website. This recipe combines a family favorite of mashed potatoes with another hugely family favorite Smith’s French Onion Chip Dip and Smith’s Buttermilk – oh the combination is magical!!!! This is a great appetizer or side dish that everyone will eat up in a hurry – they’ll love this recipe twist for sure.

Chip Dip Mashed Potato Cups Recipe

There is nothing like a yule log cake at Christmas – it’s beautiful and tasty – this recipe could be entered into this New Old Fashioned Way category as well as Boughs of Holly because it looks so festive on the table and because I added a twist to the traditional recipe. My Raspberry Yule Log Bûche de Noël Recipe.  This recipe dates back to the 19th century but not with raspberries! I added raspberries because my family loves the sweet flavor of raspberries and it also adds an even more festive element to this traditional cake. I think ti puts it over the top, don’t you?  I created a recipe video for this cake on the Acme Fresh Market website which is helpful if you’ll never make a rolled up cake like this before!

Raspberry Yule Log Bûche de Noël Recipe The winner of this category wins a Sous Vide Cooker Machine that will put a modern twist on the way you cook traditional foods.

If your recipe is exceptional, you may win the grand prize of a 16-piece ceramic cookware set worth $150!

Click here to read the official contest rules in detail.

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